Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

18 November 2022

After weeks of waiting, the day finally arrived when Sasol N17 Plaza management team along with two franchise team members from the plaza visited Petrus (P.E) Maziya Primary School in Leandra (Leslie) on Friday, 18 November 2022.

Mr. Nkosi, school principal and head of South Africa Schools Athletics welcomed the management team into the school.

The aim of the visit observed the challenges faced by learners, teachers and other staff members at the premises of the school and also inspected the infrastructure identifying where they can be able to assist in future.

One of the plaza management team members has already organized a few sponsors to help start with the future projects for 2023.

The team also took a walk around the school and checked changes that have to be done when starting with the project.

“Out of the small community, Mr Nkosi puts so much effort to make a difference in children’s lives,” said Rinate Dival, General Manager of Sasol N17 Plaza.

Management team members were emotional but excited to be amongst the school staff and observing all the challenges.

“We aim on making a positive change and sustain the society,” said Nozibele Mthetheni, franchise business manager.

The team committed to bringing change to the school as they believe that small things are important and would benefit those who need them the most.

The visit came along with a few surprises to the school staff; namely, one hundred and seventy English oxford dictionaries which will be handed over to grade four (4) learners before end of the year.

The learners will be required to use these dictionaries from 2023 in grade five (5) and even when they enter for competitions such as Spelling BEE.

A cheque of an amount of five thousand rand was also handed over to the school to help with feeding scheme.
After the walk around the school, management team members started gathering some ideas of what needs to be done and how it will be done.

The team also promised to visit the school again before the year ends to start with the minor things identified for future projects. “I am excited that Sasol N17 Plaza agreed to help our school because i had already lost hope with this project,” said Mr Nkosi.