A group of parents from Charl Cilliers accused the principal of Vanstadens Dam Primary School of tribalism and non-professionalism.

The school management is also embroiled in a number of complaints by the parents.

This came out after the principal was alleged to have removed one of the teachers from the classroom and stopped her salary.

The teacher was employed on a contractual basis and her contract was supposed to end this year December.

Ms Maina Nkabinde was said to have not receive her salary for seven months already and as such she do not have the money to pay for her diploma results to be released.

She further mentioned that she was employed with a matric only, but has since enrolled on a distance education and completed her studies.

Currently Ms Nkabinde has a desk and chair outside the classroom where she sits every day, hoping that her problems will be resolved.

Another teacher who did not want her name to be mentioned said the principal is on a mission to remove all the teachers and replace them with teachers from Kwazulu Natal.

“Currently the principal has two classes to teach and she is struggling to teach both of them.

“Children do not get taught because at the same time she is busy attending meetings and leave them unattended,” said the teacher.

The principal called the police to remove parents from the school yard.

There are also allegations of mismanagement of funds and parents demand the Department of Basic Education to investigate and also check if the principal has relevant qualifications.

The Department of Basic Education could not be reached during time of publication.