09 November 2021

Two suspects were arrested in connection with the murder of Mr Makhosini Sehlako.

Police consisting of Crime Scene Management exhumed a decomposed body of a 42 years old deceased which was wrapped with a duvet cover.

Though the body was decomposed, the brother of the deceased managed to positively identify him as Makhosini Sehlako.

The information revealed that on the 07th of August this year the Police were following information on a burglary case which led them to house at Daggakraal No2.
On their arrival they(Police) noticed something strange on the yard, as they found a garden spade and shoes with mud.

In the garden not far from the house the Police also noticed that something was recently buried.

When they got in the house they noticed another pair of muddy shoes.
They then became very suspicious and searched the entire house.

During their search, they found a head of a pig inside a bucket and there was also blood spillage all over the room.
The the two African Males were subsequently interrogated about the situation and both alleged that they were slaughtering a pig belonging to Makhosini who was not present at that moment. They further informed Police that he is the owner of the house and that he got the pig from his relatives not far from the house.

Police followed the information and found that it was a lie. The two suspects: Nkosinathi Nkosi(31) and Sifiso Bhengu(21) were both arrested for possession of property suspected to be stolen and are still in custody.

It later emerged upon investigation that Sifiso Bhengu is also a wanted suspect for several cases in KZN.

On 2021-08-27 Sehlako family came to report a missing person of Makhosini Michael Sehlako(42) whom they alleged that he was last seen on the 8th of August.

Later on, the family further alleged that Makhosini was buried in a pit toilet of the same house and that they suspect that Bhengu and Nkosi have killed him.
Police attended to information and with the assistance of municipality TLB, removed the slab of the toilet, however nothing was found.

On Monday 2021-11-08 at about 09:00 Makhosini’s cousin reported to the Police that she noticed a human hand in the garden.

The Police attended to the scene and then applied to exhume the body.