The registration of information into the National Housing database was disrupted by the residents on Friday, 28 January 2022.

Residents of Kinross came out in numbers after hearing rumours that there will be registration for RDP houses at the Kinross Sasol Club.

According to some of the disgruntled members of the community, the municipality informed only a certain group of people which is alleged to be their close relatives and friends.

“Why do they hand out papers now while we are already at the venue? You can see that they are trying to clean their mess and will tomorrow claim that people were informed,” said one of the people who were at the Club.

The paper alleged to have been distributed was signed by the Acting Municipal Manager, Ms EK Tshabalala, and was said to have been delivered to selective houses in Kinross (Area and Thistle Grove).

Seskhona Media tried to get a comment from the municipality on allegations of not using the proper channels of informing residents about the registration, but the phone was just ringing.