LEANDRA – Residents of Eendracht in Mpumalanga were shocked to see the old South African flag displayed in a building on 16 December 2019.

During the display of the flag, a group of white people were seen gathering at the same building.

Residents took pictures and circulated them on social media.

Seskhona Media reporter, Levhuwani Matumba visited the site were the flag was displayed, but on her arrival the flag was already removed.

She spoke to some of the residents around the area to find out if the information was true.

“Yes the flag was displayed, but the question is why the old flag today on Day of Reconciliation?” said one of the residents.

While trying to get the feeling of the people about the flag, she noticed someone at the same building.

After he admitted that they meet and display the flag as a commemoration of the fight between the boer and the English annually, he further referred the reporter to Dominee Van Schalkwyk who did not answer the calls.

The man also explained that everyone is welcome in the annual event, irrespective of their race.

According to another member, Mr Boshoff who was contacted through the phone by the same person who spoke to the reporter, he said “Tell her it is part of our culture.”

Seskhona Media tried to contact Dominee Van Schalkwyk several times, but the phone just rang without answer.

A memorial site where they meet every year on Day of Reconciliation for a commemoration.