Byline: Andani Matumba

07 November 2022

A syndicate of ATM bombers is still at large following the ABSA ATM bombing at Evander BP Fuel Station.

Police at Evander rebut the statement made by the public that the police were locked inside the station before the alleged syndicate proceeded to the bombing of the ATM at fuel station.

According to police spokesperson, Cost Zuki Mxhotyelwa said, “On Friday at around 00h48 , 04 November 2022, unknown African males went to the BP garage in Evander armed with pistols and rifles”.

“There was only one petrol attendant at the fuel station who noticed the suspects and ran away for help and that is after one of the suspects went to the ABSA ATM and planted explosives

The other suspects went to the guard room were they waited for the explosion to occur,” said Mxhotyelwa.

An undisclosed amount of money was taken after the explosion of the ATM.

Police at Evander acted swiftly when they heard the explosion but unfortunately, the suspects had already fled the scene.

A case of ATM bombing has been opened and no arrests have been made at this stage, however investigation is currently underway.