Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Friday, 21 July 2023

During the celebration of Nelson Mandela Day at Petrus Maziya Primary School in Leandra on Tuesday, 18 July 2023, the management team of Sasol N17 Plaza and two franchise team members donated food parcel and painted the school.

School principal Mr. Nkosi specifically thanked the Sasol N17 management team for their continuous support since last year, when they pledged to renovate the school kitchen and followed through on their commitment.

He added that Sasol N17 Garage initiated this program in an effort to help and grow the school, and as a result, they were able to clean, paint all of the classroom doors, and they additionally provided a refrigerator to be used in the kitchen that they had recently renovated.

 “I am extremely excited to see the support from Sasol N17 garage to our school,” said Mr Nkosi school principal.

Mam Ndlela, a teacher at Petrus Maziya Primary School, expressed her pride in the numerous stakeholders who support the school’s growth as well as in Sasol N17 Garage’s continuous encouragement of the school. She also expressed her gratitude for the fact that all 1255 students were able to eat in the pizza and hamburgers provided by Sasol N17 Garage in honor of Nelson Mandela Day.

 “As a management team, we are appreciative of this initiative to support schools in the Govan Mbeki Municipality. However, we chose Petrus Maziya Primary School because we saw that it needed our assistance to grow. Since adopting the school last year, we have been working to improve it so that students can access modern education more easily and live or learn in a comfortable environment and we are further grateful for Phillip Van Schoor from PVVS Construction Secunda for collaboration in developing the school,” said Bianca a Sasol N17 Manager.

She further by saying that she herself is more excited to take part in this program that works with children since she enjoys being around children and views them as the future of world. She added that children must have access to free education and an environment that is comfortable.