Sibusiso Zwane shares his journey from being a taxi driver to a taxi owner.
He went viral on social media urging people to respect the taxi operators because they are able to support their families with the money they get.
On his post, he further mentioned that most of the people who undermine taxi operators, calling them (abomageza) are those who are doing nothing about their lives than to spend time on social media attacking those who try to something for themselves.
Zwane even compared a monthly salary of a taxi operator to most jobs that pays far less than them.
After completing his studies, Zwane joined the many unemployed young people who wished to be employed by big companies.
“I looked for work, added my qualifications with crane operator certificate, code 14 drivers licence and a PDP, but still struggled to get employed,” said Zwane who began to spend much time with a friend (taxi operator).
He learned the operating routes and his friend helped him land a taxi operator job.
“My mother was not impressed that after she spent lots of money on my education, I settled for being a taxi operator,” added Zwane.
While he operated at the local rank in eMalahleni, his neighbour who was about to retire from work approached him.
“He wanted to buy a taxi and hire me as a driver.
“I was now stuck with two taxis, the one I was operating at a local rank and the one he just bought,” he further mentioned, also indicating how difficult it was for his neighbour to obtain the operating license.
After they failed to secure the operating licence, he had to find other means of utilising the taxi.
He then began to approach parents and requested to transport their children to school, followed by transporting staff members to different companies.
The taxi owner began to lose hope when realizing that they are not making enough money.
“The owner decided to sell the taxi and I saw the opportunity to buy it.
“I then went extra mile trying to negotiate business with companies so that I can transport their employees, and buy the taxi before someone else does,” added Zwane.
He managed to seal several deals and paid up the taxi within three months.
Just after he finished buying the taxi, all deals vanished and was left without work again.
Zwane refused to give up, but started to negotiate other deals again.
During his conversation with Seskhona Newspaper Editor, Levhuwani Matumba, Zwane mentioned that he went through many challenges within the transport industry but decided to stay focused.
He also took a decision to rebrand his taxi to attract customers.
“I bought a big sound, changed the colour of the taxi and recovered the seats with a white colour.
“All of a sudden my taxi was the talk of the town and my driver was also interviewed by one of the national radio stations,” added Zwane who also made sure he wear smart to change the game within the taxi industry.
He then bought an Avanza, which was followed by another taxi.
Zwane said there are lots of opportunities for young people within the country, but most youth lack self-discipline and perseverance.
He also helped his mother and other women in his area to start their own businesses.
In his conclusion, he urged young people to stand up and work, even if they get paid less.
“Start somewhere, learn the business and one day you will get your breakthrough,” Zwane concluded.