Evander Gold Mine dismissed Mr Hlokomelang Mohapi’s allegations of unfair dismissal.
Mr Mohapi is a former employee of Harmony Gold Mining, which was then bought by Pan African
This was after he got injured on duty and ended up being blind.
According to Mr Mohapi he was injured in 1997 and received his compensation money in 2011.
Mr Mohapi refused to go home and continued to stay at the company hostels for several years.
“I did not sign the termination of service papers and as such, I consider myself as a permanent employee of Evander Gold Mine.
“If they say I signed the papers, how did I sign them because I do not see?” claimed Mr Mohapi who also
insisted that he do not use signature, but thumb prints.
He further alleged that he went home during December holidays, only to find that he was locked out of his room on his return to the hostels.
He now decided to camp at the gate of the mine offices.
He also pleaded with the mine to send him to school for the blind so that he learns to use braille and be employed as an admin worker.
The documentation at the mine’s disposal shows that Mr Mohapi service was terminated in 2003 due to permanent medical incapacitation.
Mr Mohapi signature, together with his union representative also appeared at the documentation.
Besides the money he received for his injury on duty, Mr Mohapi continues to receive R4500 every month for life.
Mr Anthony Maki from Evander Gold Mine said the company was aware of Mr Mohapi demands, but there is nothing they can do since he no longer works there.
“We have tried to engage him and also requested contacts of his family so that we can send him home.
“Mr Mohapi refuse to cooperate and we hope he will soon change his mind so that we can help him go back home,” added Mr Maki who also advised Mr Mohapi to lodge a complaint with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).