Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

29 April 2024

Secunda Mall hosted their Tenant Awards 2024 at Symphonies Cafe on Thursday evening, 25 April 2024.

The aim of the event was to recognize and honour the top ten tenants for their hard work and positive contributions towards the mall.

1. GOOD NEIGHBOUR AWARD: Recognizing tenants who go above and beyond to foster a sense of community within Secunda Mall. This includes initiatives to promote a friendly and supportive atmosphere among fellow tenants and shoppers, WINNER: Ackermans Connect | RUNNER UP: Game

2. PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Determined by the popular vote, this category celebrates the tenant that has gained the most positive feedback and support from shoppers and fellow tenants. It reflects the overall favorability and popularity of a particular store, WINNER: Checkers Hyper

3. VALUABLE CONTRIBUTION TO SECUNDA MALL ACTIVITIES: Acknowledging tenants who actively participate in and contribute to Secunda Mall activities and events. This includes involvement in promotions, special events, and collaborative efforts that enhance the overall mall experience, WINNER: Bathu – Mall marathon prize sponsorship | RUNNER UP: Toys R Us – Paw patrol movie launch contribution to the event

4. BEST SHOP FRONT: Awarded to the tenant with the most visually appealing and attractive storefront. This category recognizes efforts to create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing exterior that enhances the overall appeal of Secunda Mall.

Not forgetting cleanliness and general upkeep of store signage, WINNER: Lovisa

5. EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE: Honoring tenants who consistently provide exceptional customer service. This includes the secret shopper scores of Acknowledgement & Greeting: enthusiasm & willingness and the magic smile, WINNER: Dynamic Vision

6. EXCELLENCE IN TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: Celebrating tenants who invest in the training and development of their staff. It is also the most importantly incorporating the Tenant motivation program into your stores and attending tenant talks, WINNER: Foschini

7. MOST IMPROVED STORE OF THE YEAR: Highlighting the tenant that has shown significant improvement in various aspects such as sales, customer satisfaction, and overall performance compared to the previous year, WINNER: Exact

8. MALL AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR: This award is bestowed upon a tenant who has demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to fostering positive experiences within our mall community, WINNER: Husain Fragrance

9. TENANT OF THE YEAR: The highest honor, recognizing the tenant that excels across multiple criteria, demonstrating exceptional commitment, innovation, and success within Secunda Mall, WINNER: Cappuccinos.

Not only winning the prestigious title of tenant of the year but also a year’s worth of in-centre marketing• External Billboard• A1 posters• Radio jingle.