The Democratic Alliance Party members from Standerton and Secunda marched to Lekwa Municipality against the polluting of the Vaal River.
The march was on Tuesday, 7 November and on their arrival at the municipal offices, there was no one to receive the memorandum no arrangements were made by the municipal manager or the executive mayor to have a representative.
The Ward Councillor, Mr Johannes van der Wath said no one cares whether the sewer runs into the streets or goes into the river.
He further mentioned that last year the AfriForum took samples of the Vaal River water in Standerton to a laboratory and tests revealed that the amount of E coli and faecal coliform bacteria exceeded 1 000 units per 100ml.
The memorandum was read to the media and Mr Masango also addressed his party members.
“Do you see arrogant people?
“This is arrogance at its best,” said Mr Masango who also mentioned that the DA will take over the municipality during the next elections.
He further mentioned that it was a sign that people elect leaders who do not care about anything.
Municipal employees were standing outside during the arrival of the DA, but mentioned that no one was arranged to receive the memorandum.
After the march, Mr Masango went to the Standerton Police Station to open a case against the Lekwa Local Municipality.
Some of the residents were interviewed by Seskhona Newspaper and they all said they have lost confidence on their municipality, especially with sewer.
They added that different companies were hired to work on the sewer problem, but nothing has been achieved so far.