Byline: Andani Matumba

30 May 2022

Although it is the prerogative of the municipality to supply housing, water, electricity and other basic rights for human survival, sometimes we have to just fix what we can if we have the means and the skills to do it. 

Ms Thembi Mahlangu  with many others of Ext 5 Emzinoni, Bethal has been experiencing  serious sewer spillage problems due to the pipe burst which was connected to toilet of her household on the far end of the township. 

According to Mahlagu, she has reported her issue several time to the municipality in Secunda through the ward councilor but all she got was false promises and high hopes. 

“I appointed a plumber to come and remove the toilet and the pipes connected to the toilet to control the spillage, now I no longer have a toilet inside my house and use a pit toilet outside.

I am just happy that at least I manage to solve the sewer problem inside my house,” said Mahlangu. 

Although she was able to address the stench that was coming from her house the same cannot be said about the leaking sewer outside her yard and on the rest of the street. Another resident of Ext 6 in Bethal said he is tired of reporting the issue as it has been persisting since 2016 when he moved to Bethal. 

“It is actually better today because it is not raining, during rainy seasons we see things which are not meant to be seen lingering on our the streets,” he said adding that the situation causes a serious health hazards to the community. 

During the Mpac presentation  by the municipality on Friday, 28 April 2022, it was said that the municipality has since been able to procure three honey-sucker trucks to address the sewer problem in GMM.