Vukanini Taxi Association (Vukta) held their Annual General Meeting and leadership elections on Tuesday, 14 November.
Mr Fanyana Sibanyoni and his committee were re-elected into the office of Vukta.
During the AGM it was mentioned that under the leadership of Mr Sibanyoni, the taxi association was able to operate professional and many has benefitted from his business ideas.
“Under the leadership of Mr Sibanyoni there is hope, light and undisputable progress,” said the Secretary of Vukta, Mr Bob Mahlangu.
Mr Sibanyoni mentioned that next year January they will be opening Trichardt taxi rank officially.
He also assured passengers that there will be no price hike.
The financial statement of Vukta was also discussed during the meeting.
Vukta also give back to the community.
Some of the projects of giving back to the community includes, buying school uniform for the needy learners, buying winter blankets for the senior citizens and others.
During Mandela Day, Vukta built six toilets for Kinross Primary School.
The school had three toilets for 743 learners and teachers.
Mr Sibanyoni also urged the community leaders and pastors to engage Zamokuhle Taxi Association for the two taxi associations to resolve their differences.
Operators and owners were also awarded during the event.

Best driver of the year:
Kinross – Mr Cebisa
Blue rank – Mr E Nkomonde.
Secunda – Mr M Kubheka
Evader – Mr D Ndubane.
Mini taxi – B Nkondlo.

Best Owner of the year:
Kinross – Mr JZ Maseko
Blue rank – Mr ZH Kheswa
Secunda – Mr VA Lukhele
Evander – Mr PF Skosana
Mini taxi – Mr Motloung.
Mr Sibanyoni also received award of best leader.