Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

02 June 2023

The Social and Environmental Awareness project in Secunda was a media, outreach, and advocacy project that empowered and taught chosen community members to be change agents in their own communities.

The Market Photo Workshop held The Social and Environmental Awareness Project Showcase, opening on Friday, 26 May 2023 at Johannes Stegmann Theatre in Secunda.

The event was an exhibition, a final outcome of the project whereby participants of The Market Photo Workshop gathered along with their invited friends and family for an exhibition of images taken by participants during the project, which commenced in August 2022.

With a particular focus on natural resources, environmental health, social repercussions, and measures to decarbonize and transform the energy sector toward renewables, the project emphasized the significant role that photography and the media can play in raising attention to social and environmental concerns.

The images on exhibition spark debate and encourage discussion about social and environmental consciousness while also tackling many aspects including youth, population, identity, culture, and land.

The participants’ work reimagines the future, considers how it will affect economies and communities, and emphasizes how closely South Africa’s development initiatives link to an active discussion that involves people of the local community.