Vukanini Taxi Association (Vukta) built seven toilets for Kinross Primary School.
They were handed over to the school on Monday, 22 January.
Vukta Secretary, Mr Aaron Mahlangu said the project was born last year during the Mandela Day when they received a request from the school.
“We then considered their request and the toilets were finished last year December.
“That is why we are handing them over today when the school reopens,” said Mr Mahlangu.
Kinross Primary School principal, Ms Abraham thanked the association for building them toilets.
“We only had six toilets which we shared with the learners,” said the principal who further mentioned that Vukta has done many things for them.
Amongst the things she mentioned was the school shoes which were donated by Vukta to learners last year.
After the handing over of the toilets, there was a parent whose child was refused admission because she owed Grade R school fees for 2017.
The parent approached Vukta Chairperson, Mr Fanyana Sibanyoni who did not hestitate to assist with the payment.
Mr Sibanyoni referred the woman to Kinross Taxi Rank and was given the money to pay the outstanding amount of
R 850.
The woman thanked Vukta for helping her get the child to school.