Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

10 October 2022

The Kinross Marikana sewer project has been ongoing since the project contractor Mr Daniel Khumalo visited the area three (3) months ago to clear out the conflict of interest within the project.

There are allegations that during the appointment of sub-contractors there is one candidate who is said to have been hired by the company without the approval of the street committee which brings unrest to the community of Marikana. 

it is further alleged that the said candidate is not a resident of Govan Mbeki Municipality therefore she was not supposed to have been given a sub-contract within the area.

There are further allegations that Sipho Sezwe Trading has not paid its employees at least for the past 3 months.

Regarding the salaries that have not been paid for the past three months, Themba who is the project manager was contacted on Wednesday, 05 October 2022 and he alleged that all payments will be paid through not later than 06 October 2022, and all the employees can go home and wait to be called by the project CLO.

The site has not resumed work since 05 October 2022 due to unpaid salaries.

Residents accuse the ward councilor of interfering with the proceedings of the project.

It is further alleged that recently ten (10) people were hired by the councilor for general worker positions without the supervision or rather presence of the CLO.

The community is currently waiting for a response from the project managers regarding issues of unpaid salaries and subcontracting work by locals.