Byline: Refeloe Letsoisa

04 June 2023

A 41 year-old woman lost her life after being stabbed by her alleged boyfriend in the early hours of Saturday morning, 01 July 2023 at Ext 26 in eMbalenhle.   

The deceased’s friend alleges that she was having drinks at home near the suspect’s homestead at Ext 18 in eMbalenhle and decided to visit the suspect’s family members as they always hang out together.

Surprisingly, on arrival, she saw the deceased, who was the suspect’s girlfriend, and they started having a chat.

After a few minutes, the deceased asked the friend to accompany her to the toilet outside.

They came back and continued with their chat while having drinks.

A few minutes later, the deceased requested to be accompanied to the toilet again.

“I know that this family does not love me or even want me here.

They are just pretending,” said the deceased to the friend in the toilet.

While at the toilet, both the deceased and friend decided to leave the suspect’s homestead unannounced to fetch money for more drinks at the couple’s rental place in Ext 26, eMbalenhle.

Instead of going back to Ext 18, they went to a nearby tavern and had more drinks.

Realizing that it was late, they then decided to go back to the suspect’s homestead, but before they left, they wanted to quickly leave their towels by the rental place.

On arrival, they found the suspect inside the room.

“So you decided to just leave without saying anything?” asked the suspect.

It is alleged that the deceased responded by stating that they did not leave him in the bushes, instead they left him at his home safe and why is he complaining.

The argument started there and the suspect asked the deceased’s friend to leave but it was already late and the deceased refused, explaining that they would leave together.

The suspect pulled both the friend and the deceased inside the room and locked the burglar door.

“I am going to kill both of you tonight and it won’t be my first time killing someone,” the friend alleges the suspect said to her and the deceased.

According to allegations, the suspect poured cooking oil inside a pot and heated it up, started beating up the deceased and pushed her to the bed.

The suspect pulled out a knife from the cupboard and stabbed the deceased three times in the chest. 

“You are hurting me…,” were the last words from the deceased.

After fatally stabbing the deceased, the suspect threatened the friend that she was next while packing his clothes inside a bag, opened the door and left.

According to the information, the suspect has family members at Volkrust and is alleged to have fled there.

It is further alleged that the friend tried to get help from the neighbors, but it was already late.

On arrival at the community clinic in Ext 4, eMbalenhle, the deceased was certified dead.

According to Constable Busisiwe Mthethwa from eMbalenhle Police Station, the docket was opened for investigation and further attempts were made to trace the suspect around Volkrust.

No arrests been made at this point  and the suspect is still at large.