Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

05 May 2024

Annah Zulu and her co-accused Bongani Mzimba appeared before the Leslie periodical court on Wednesday, 06 may 2024 for their formal bail hearing after being arrested on the 17 of April 2024 for the alleged murder of Doctor Meyisa (38).

It is alleged that Annah was in a romantic relationship with the deceased Doctor Meyisa and they were residing together at Ext 13 in Leslie at the time of the incident.

According to the investigation officer of the case who led statements from the witness stand in court, Annah gave a statement detailing the events that took place on the said date: that she had a lovely dinner with the deceased when he left to get a cigarrate that night, only to come back with head injuries. The deceased then told her that he had been attacked by some guys for trying to chat with their girlfriends. Anna then prepared water to bathe the deceased, as he had defecated on himself during the alleged attack.

She further alleged that after bathing the deceased, she noticed that he was unconscious; therefore, she went outside to call for help, where she stumbled upon her co-accused.

The investigation officer also led evidence that there are two witnesses, one of whom is a 10-year-old child who witnessed the entire ordeal inside the house, and a neighbor that Anna had asked to help dispose of the body. Furthermore, the two accused are alleged to have been seen holding an iron bar and a shambok awaiting the deceased before the incident, which they allegedly used to assault the deceased using the mentioned items.

Outside court, EFF members were chanting no bail for the two accused. Amongst the crowd was a concerned neighbor who told the Seskhona news team that they wanted justice for Doctor as they had witnessed the abuse for more than five years but never thought it would get thus far. 

The mother of the 10-year-old told the Seskhona news team outside court that her child fears for his life after witnessing the ordeal.

The duo were granted R10 000 bail each wen they resumed for the proceedings of their bail on Monday, 13 May 2024. The duo are expected to appear before the Leslie periodical court on 12 June 2024.