Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Thursday, 27 July 2023

Mr Ngcezu Zwelitsha, a 61-year-old man resident of Embalenhle, currently struggles with life without an identification card after losing it in 2011.

The Department of Home Affairs refused to issue him a replacement card on the grounds that he is not South African but rather a citizen of Mozambique, despite the fact that he has provided all documentation demonstrating his South African citizenship.

However, they were still unable to assist him.

Mr. Zwelitsha stated to Seskhona Newspaper that he was born in the Eastern Cape Province on the 19th of October 1962, in the village of Mbumbazi outside of Mountayliff Township.

He then moved to the province of Mpumalanga when he was looking for work in year 2000.

At that time, he obtained a permanent residency in Embalenhle, where he is currently residing, and he never relocated to any other location.

Mr. Ngcezu claimed that he went looking for a job in Secunda in July 2011 but was unsuccessful.

Upon his return, he discovered that he had misplaced his identification book in one of Secunda offices.

 “When I realized I had lost my ID book, I hurried to the Department of Home Affairs in Secunda the next day to get a new copy printed,” said Mr Ngcezu

He stated that in that particular year 2011, he provided all the necessary documents and paid the whole amount of money needed to reprint the new I.D book.

 “After waiting for a while, I thought my ID book was ready for pickup when they called me from Home Affairs, but they informed me that they were unable to provide it since their system indicated that I was from Moz ambique and not South Africa.

“I was shocked and when I questioned what I could present to show that I am South African citizen, they stated I had to present all necessary documentation and evidence of residency,” said Mr Ngcezu.

He continued by saying that although he had once again provided all the necessary documentation, including proof of his parents’ residency, he had been told that his case would be handled by the Head office, but when he attempted to follow up, he was still unable to receive assistance in any form.

 “Since 2011, I have lived without an identification card, and because of this, it has been challenging for me to apply for jobs and other opportunities.

“I was supposed to apply for a social grant for which I qualify, but because of ID issues, I am unable to apply, and now I sell things around Embalenhle so that I can survive, and I feel as though I don’t exist in South Africa,” said Mr Ngcezu.

Further, he added that he is asking the community or anyone to help him so that the Department of Home Affairs will take his case seriously. He also said that he had spoken with the immigration officers in order to prove that he is not from Mozambique, but they were unable to help him.