Byline: Thendo Funyufunyu

Friday, 07 July 2023

A 20-year-old Princess Aphelele Nomangola, who originates from Evander in the province of Mpumalanga and is presently competing for the title of Miss World South Africa, discovered her passion for modeling.

Aphelele first became interested in modeling at an early age, but she didn’t begin competing until 2018.

Lerato Nogabe, who is also model, inspired her since they attended the same school, and she convinced herself that if Lerato managed to do it, she can also it.

Aphelele has already managed to scoop two crowns in her modeling career.

The first being Miss Teen Ekasi 2019 and the second being Miss JNR Teen South Africa First Princess 2020.

She is currently an electrical engineering student at GS College and plans to start her own foundation called “Break loose from captivity” because she believes that it will motivate people to stop doing whatever is keeping them from achieving their goals, succumbing to the captivity of their phones, social media, drugs, and alcohol because everything mentioned requires money in order to access it.

 “As South Africa is a growing nation, we have people like Mr. Bulelani Balabala who are eager to train anyone who wants to establish a business.

However, let’s break free of captivity and stop waiting for someone to hire us and instead fill every opportunity,” said Aphelele.

She further stated that winning Miss World South Africa will benefit not benefit her but the entire country and her community as she is just a young lady with visions.

Aphelele ended by encouraging young people that they should not wait for inspiration to start moving in the direction of their ambitions since having dreams is enough to keep you going.

To vote for Aphelele to make it to the semi-finals, you can sms MWSA212 to 40113.