Qhubeka Community Organization focuses on awareness and education on drugs abuse, through

The organization provides information on rehabilitation and treatment programs for alcohol and drug addicts.

They also offer recreational opportunities to curb future addiction.

According to Qhubeka, there has been an increase in the number of young people using nyaope and alcohol in the community.

Chairperson of the organization, Mr December Sipho Ndhlela said, “Our young people feel hopeless with no jobs or education opportunities which makes them venture into drugs and alcohol.”

One of the speakers also mentioned that the biggest problem within the community is not nyaope alone, but also alcohol.

On Friday, 17 August Social Development, Embalenhle Advice office, Correction Services and The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (Sanca) attended the event hosted by Qhubeka Community Organization.

Drug addicts, such as those who smoke nyaope, dagga and alcoholics were also invited.

The event was successful and drug addicts were also encouraged that it is possible for them to get help.

Mr December Sipho Ndhlela said they are willing to work hard with his team and bring change within the community.

“Parents should also be supportive and give love to their children.

“I want to tell drug addicts that being addicted does not mean the end of the world and it is possible to change your lives around and be exemplary to others,” Mr Ndhlela continued.

On their cards is finding ways to create jobs and skills for young addicts coming from rehabilitation.