Andani Matumba

09 July 2022

From the passion of the Agentinian Tengo, the Cuban Cha-cha-cha and to the German Walts, the Foxtrots popularised by American dancers, Vernon and Irene Castle and other ballroom dance categories have been turned into a professional sport internationally.

Over and again Dance Sports SA has shown the nation that we have capable and talented dancers always willing to bring it back home after being chosen to represent the Country internationally.

Dance Sports SA hosted a two days Dance Championship League in Secunda at Sasol Recreational Center where dance couples from the nine provinces battled against each other to secure their position in representing South Africa at the International Dance Competitions.

Competitors were formed in the following categories: juvenile, junior, youth and adults and seniors.

The event started with a preparatory workshop for the competitions.

In an interview with Seskhona Media the Secretary General of Dance Sports SA, Mr Morris Ndhlovu said the purpose of the event is to bring together dancers from all nine provinces who are part of the World Dance Sports Federation and each province brings in couples which are going to participate in team matches and the formation so it becomes a tournament.

When asked about the financial provision to fund the international trips for champions who will be representing South Africa Internationally Mr. Ndhlovu said that historically, there has not been any funding provided for international participation of Athletes and a result there has been very few athletes representing South Africa Internationally.

“As the times are developing, the Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation provides the organization with a bit of funding to assist in subsidising international expenditure for the Athletes,” said Ndhlovu admitting that it still is a challenge since the amount does not cover the full cost.

In support of Mr Ndlhlovu’s remarks regarding financial support the dancers are faced with, Ms Angelique Smith, NEC Competitions Director said the challenges are real and although the organization gives support in terms of issuing sponsorship request letters and give sponsorship subsidies, the trips are never financed in full.

The current standing South African Dance Champions, Lesedi and Wiseman from Gauteng will be representing the Country in Germany on 02 August 2022 and will jet off to Italy in December for the International Dance Competition.

It is overwhelming seeing how passionate the couple is about dance sports, as they explained how they always practice together and how they intergrade dance to their day to day lives.

In order to achieve their level of success, Wiseman and Lesedi say that they practice every single day and for about six (6) hours in a day.

“To reach a higher level of success in dance, you really need to have the passion for it because it comes along with so many challenges before your could reach the peak of your dance career.