Mrs Dzelisile Mbelu‭ (‬34‭) ‬is a mother‭, ‬career‭- ‬woman‭, ‬wife and a relatable woman‭, ‬she is also Mrs South Africa 2019‭ ‬semi-finalist‭. ‬

Dzeli is definitely a force to be reckoned with‭.‬

She decided to take part on Mrs SA Tammy Taylor because‭, ‬she felt like the competition encourages the objectives she believes in‭.‬

“The vision of Mrs South Africa Tammy Taylor concept is similar to what I believe in‭, ‬which is empowerment and development of the‭ ‬people within the community‭, ‬women to be precise‭. ‬

I entered Mrs SA because I wanted to empower women‭, ‬to let them know that they can be anything without having to fear anything”‭ ‬said Dzelisile‭.‬

Mrs Mbelu works for Sasol’s corporate side‭, ‬she resides in Pretoria Centurion but works in Secunda‭. ‬

The reason behind her running the pageant projects in Mpumalanga was because she felt that people in this province would benefit‭ ‬more from them‭.‬

“‭ ‬We deal with a lot of people in Mpumalanga who are still in need of support from the government and individuals from the corporate world‭. ‬

Throughout the journey of Mrs SA‭, ‬we went out into communities and taught young women life skills‭, ‬how to face and overcome challenges as a woman so‭, ‬this is not about beauty only but we empower our communities through this pageant‭. ‬

We also partnered with organizations such as Women for Women to empower‭  ‬young women”‭, ‬she added‭.‬

Mrs Mbelu described her journey in Mrs SA Tammy Taylor as beautiful‭, ‬amazing and‭  ‬she also got exposed to many people around Mpumalanga’s disadvantaged communities‭. ‬

Though her journey in the competition has ended‭, ‬Dzeli said she will not stop giving back to the community‭. ‬

She expressed her gratitude to everyone who supported her journey in the Mrs SA competition and further added that she was overwhelmed by the love and support she received from the people she did not even know‭.‬

“The empowering of people continues‭, ‬it does not stop here‭. ‬

Anyone who would love to partner up with me to make our communities a better place to live can contact me on 066‭ ‬487‭ ‬7607”‭, ‬Dzeli concluded‭.  ‬