Byline: Thendo Buasi

27 October 2022

Spiritual gifts come in many forms and according to Mr Siyabonga Makhubo who was born in KZN and later relocated to Kinross Ext 33 (Marikana), most people often confuse being a prophet, a sangoma and a herbalist.

Makhubo is a 22 year old spiritual guide and prophet who matriculated at Sizwakele Secondary School in Embalenhle and he accepted his calling in 2018 when he was 18 years old.

Through his consistent dreams, Makhubo said he would often be left confused as he could not understand the dimensions of his visions at such a young age.

When he went through the process of understanding his visions that is when he realised that he was spiritual gifted although his gift is unique and different from other people, as he works with both Ancestors (Amadlozi) and prophesy through prayer.

Siyabonga refers to the bible and how the ancestors works with the prophecy, ubungoma and herbalist and how the spiritual realm is intertwined to ancestors in the book of Exodus chapter 3 from verse 1-6.

Makhubo said that he has helped lot’s of people through his gift and has also assisted those who lost their religious believes diverting to culture by reviving their faith through the interpretation of meaning of the bible and spirituality through counselling to the clients.

“A gift like mine does not allow me to initiate prospective sangoma’s or ordain prophets but only serves as a link to the ancestors through prayer, fasting, meditation and traditional cleansing ceremonies, mountains or river flow to pray and fast so that he can help them.

When he undergoes the process of helping people he stated that white candles are preferable as those different candles have different meanings in spiritual life.

He further stated that he also helps people with the interpretation of their dreams as people struggle to find meaning of their dreams and he believes that if someone doesn’t dream that particular person just look like a dead person living in this world.

“Dreams are version that shows us our future therefore Knowing meaning of your dream is important as I got my gift through dreams,” said Siyabonga Makhubo.