Byline: Thendo Buasi

Wednesday, 06 December 2022

Evander High School matriculants looked dazzling as they shared their last dance at a farewell function which was held at Lake Umuzi in Secunda on Tuesday, 06 December 2022.

At the dance, learners showed up in luxurious gowns and suits to fit the occasion.

The farewell function was held just after the learners finished writing their final examination to celebrate their bitter-sweet journey throughout the year.

It was an emotional evening since most of the learners were seeing each other for the last time before going to their respective tertiary institutions the following year.

Teachers and the school principal were delighted to see their learners looking stunning with different gorgeous dresses and suits.

“I am so excited to see our learners looking so good today and I wish them all the best on their upcoming 2022 final examination results,” said a teacher from Evander High School.

Parents also showed support for their children during the farewell and one of the parents informed Ses’khona Newspaper that she did not just spent her money for nothing because she believes that her daughter will excel in final exams.

She further stated that taking her daughter to Evander High School was never a bad choice because she always knows that her daughter will receive quality education at the school due to the trust she has towards the School teachers and the principal.

Since there was a huge crowd, a security company was on guard to manage the crowd during learners’ arrival.

Some learners arrived in luxurious cars along with their entourage.

Aphiwe Dlodlo and Lincon Vries learners from Evander High who attended the matric dance both shared that they are grateful to be part of class of 2022 and they are looking forward for the bright future ahead after their matric results.

Aphiwe Dlodlo and Lincon Vries learners from Evander High