Byline: Thendo Buasi

10 November 2022

Nicolas Mashian a former Mr South Africa finalist 2016 and currently the founder of Thick Queens hosted a successful fashion show that was crowded by over 300 people during the evening of the show at Graceland resort in Secunda on Saturday, 05 November 2022 where different designers were showcasing their different collection.

The fashion show was comprised of different designers with unique style from different dynamics of inspiration on a daily basis to embrace and showcase their brilliant work with different collections that boosts the confidence of thick ladies.

Entrepreneur and designer Victor Otlotleng Galeboe also CEO and founder of Vicsion Couture showcased his unique exclusive designs in different collection during the event.

 His sense of style is modern, edgy with touch of vintage that cater for both males and female, however during the show he focused his collection in comfortable and light cloth also bright colour with modern tradition and a bit of street wear with combination of red carpet and he was inspired by nature for his collection.

“Am feeling so graceful for the opportunity to showcase my collection,” said Victor.

He further stated that he collaborated with other designer who does fortunators design that complement and complete his outfits.

Another designer Sarafina Radebe, entrepreneur and founder of Odeya creation also showcased her unique collection with formal style and elegant wear that she’s inspired by working women.

“Am excited to be part of the show and embrace my unique style with vision of bringing beauty to people,” said Sarafina.

 She further stated that although she faced more challenges while compelling the dresses for the show, laoadshedding was one of the most disadvantaging factor that drained her mind to the edge of frustration due to delaying her to finish her work on time but now she felt grateful that she conquered through all the obstacles.

“I was really excited when I was being booked by Nicolas that’s why I had to make sure that I leave a trace while I was performing. I felt so tremendous especially when people showed me love and I’m so excited that the show exposed me to many people that are supporting and want to book me for their event” says Creed Paris the artist who was booked to entertain during event.

He further stated that it has been his dream to be out there to show people his golden gift he have.

Xolile Cynthia Mtshali and Lindokuhle won the best dressed male and female of the evening during the show amongst the audience.

“Am excited for coming up as well dressed woman during tonight show,” said Xolile.

She further stated that she didn’t anticipated her win as she was expecting more women dressed extremely better than her.

Nicolas Mashiane expressed his special gratitude to all sponsors that supported the event.

He further stated that he’s overwhelmed with gratitude for all the artists Creed Paris, Edikids, Davovo, Smake and all the MCs, his family that supported him together with all thick ladies that were available during the event.