Gogo Areth Bhembe from Charl Cilliers lost everything during a shack fire on Sunday night, 8 August 2021.

According to Gogo, she instructed her 7-year-old granddaughter to get a candle from another room at around 6 pm.

The child was said to have lit the candle before taking it to Gogo and is suspected that she might have thrown a match stick without realizing it was still burning.

When the incident happened, it was only Gogo and her granddaughter at home and they could not do anything as they watched helplessly their shack burn into ashes with all their belongings including Furniture, Sassa cards, Gogo medication, identity documents, and children’s school uniform.

One of the neighbours said it was already late when they noticed the fire and firefighters were summoned to the scene.

Gogo wears size 38, umakoti size 36, and shoe size 5, Son wears size 32 and medium t-shirts, the 14-year-old boy wears shoe size 4, the 7-year-old girl wears shoe size 11.

For more information, people can contact Vusi at 082 261 1238 or Khumbuzile at 078 434 1124.