23 July 2021

This is the 4th year Edward “Obama” Letsimo celebrating his birthday by collecting sanitary towels to be donated
to the young girls.

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Letsimo who will be turning 30 this year said the sanitary towel driver has become a regular occurrence on his birth month.

“This is a project that has been close to my heart since his high school days and I vowed to make a meaningful impact in the lives of our sisters.
The aim is to raise at least 2050 packs of sanitary towels for young girls.
I took a resolution to celebrate my birthday by helping our sisters rather than throwing a bash which will not assist
society in any way,” said Letsimo.
Donations are expected from 1 July – 31 July 2021.

The sanitary towels will be distributed during the month of August to celebrate Women’s month.
The sanitary towel drive is aimed at collecting sanitary towels through donations from people from all walks of
Edward called on all South African from all walks of life to donate at least one pack of sanitary towels, it really does
make a difference.
All donors will be mentioned daily on social media unless they prefer to remain anonymous.
For inquiries and donations please contact Edward “Obama” Letsimo on 082 3579 284.