Phumelele Dube was one of the young entrepreneurs who attended the 67CEOs Entrepreneurship Week in Sandton.
The event was held from 12-16 November.
Phumelele just completed her Honours Degree in Accounting Sciences and look forward to become a Chartered Accountant.
She currently owns a cleaning company and was inspired by her own previous experiences.
“I was exposed to poverty, not knowing where the next meal will come from and being kicked out from one place to another,” said Phumelele who realized her passion of being an entrepreneur at the age of 16 after her matric.
She had good marks in matric and ended up getting a space at the University of Johannesburg.
During her tertiary years, she cleaned people’s houses, washed and ironed for them and also worked as a waitress
just to get money to pay for her studies.
She lost her mom and was left with her sister and a father who did not stay with them and did not play his
parenthood responsibility.
“I am grateful for all the pains and suffering I went through because they made me who I am today,” added Phumelele
who also said she just wish to see a better South Africa one day without gangs and blessers.
Her main aim was to start a construction company, but she did not have enough resources.
She then decided to settle for a cleaning company, but hers is different because her employees get the opportunity
to be mentored to be better persons.
She aims to assist them with the relevant information so that they are able to study further.

Her business target market includes schools, companies, crèches, churches and households.