Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

18 November 2022

Community members of Kinross engaged in a meeting on Tuesday, 15 November 2022 at Sasol Club in Kinross. The purpose of the meeting was to address service delivery and budget issues in the Thistle Grove and Kinross town.

Cllr Rose Nkabinde and the Director of Development and Planning were to chair the meeting which became unsuccessful as the aggrieved community members stormed out of the meeting.

This is after the frustrated members of the community raised allegations that Cllr Rose Nkabinde never responds to their grievances as the ward councillor of the area.

The meeting is taking place after the two meetings which were scheduled for September and October, respectively.
Amongst the grievances are electricity and water issues affecting the area.

The meeting could not even proceed as the members of the community complained about not being issued with the minutes of the previous meeting and a report from Cllr Rose on solutions.

The director from the electricity department at GMM, Mr Maswanganye tried to calm the situation which was in vain as the members had already proposed to suspend all payments towards the municipality until it responds to all their grievances.

”Moving forward, the community will have to draft a memorandum to be submitted to the office of the speaker, once the memorandum is submitted with their complaints therefore it can then be addressed, because the way it was the meeting was not structured,” said the director in his comment when asked of the way forward since the meeting was unsuccessful.