Levhuwani Matumba

08 November 2021

11-years-old Lalitha Mdyogolo from Evander, Mpumalanga was recently crowned Miss Inspire SA for the junior category.

The event was held in Gauteng (Benoni) and Lalitha was representing Mpumalanga province.

The Grade 5 learner at Highveld Ridge Primary School began her modelling career at the age of 6 and was crowned model search in Port Elizabeth.

Before entering the Miss Inspire SA competition, she took part at the local pageant competition in Secunda and was crowned Miss Spring Beauty, also bagged in an overall winner in her category.

All pageants chosen as finalists for the Miss Inspire SA 2021 had to do some voluntary work

as part of the competition and Lalitha did her voluntary work at Jannelle Huise which is a safe house for the kids.

“I donated clothes from friends and relatives, party packs, sanitary towels, baby milk, soaps, wipes and pampers,” said Lalitha who further mentioned that her final task was spending three hours playing with the kids.

She also donated sanitary towels and her school uniform to her peers at Highveld Ridge Primary School.

According to her mom Ms Siviwe Mdyogolo, Modelling helped her daughter to gain confidence.

Though she has now become a public figure, Lalitha’s mom said she will continue to manage her social media accounts.

“She is still young and needs to be protected.

There is so much going on like bullying and some people follow children’s movement through social media posts,” Ms Siviwe further explained.

On the future cards, Lalitha’s mother highlighted the issue of getting her an agent.

She would also love to see her daughter being invited to different events locally, even if it is children’s events as a speaker to boost her portfolio.

Lalitha is a member of Gibbor models in Evander and during her spare time, she attends drama classes.

When asked about her future plans with modelling, Lalitha’s mom said she cannot dictate what her daughter should do but will always support her in whatever she decides to do.

To invite her for events, people can contact her mom at 073 778 9480 or her Aunt at 071 987 9346.