Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

9 July 2021

The formal bail application of a local teacher was denied by the Evander Magistrate Court today (the teacher cannot be named until he pleads in court).

The suspect is facing four charges of kidnapping and four charges of rape.

Magistrate Singh commended the FSC investigator together with his colleagues for the hard work they have put in to make sure that the suspect is arrested.

Protesters outside the Evander Magistrate Court opposing the bail of the local teacher.

According to the Magistrate, the alleged suspect could not be offered bail because he is a flight risk to the community and the following reasons were outlined:

The statements from the four victims show similarities in how the suspect committed the crimes.

In all the crimes committed, the suspect showed to have prepared himself because it is alleged that he had water at the boot of his car and forced them to wash their genitals after raping them.

The state was able to trace the suspect previous case of similar nature which happened in Tonga. The suspect appeared twice, the first time in December 2019 and the second time in June 2020, and the case was struck out of the roll.

According to the magistrate, the fact that he continued committing crimes after his previous arrest shows that he undermines the law.

The suspect refused to verbally respond to questions in court.

The fourth reason that led to the denial of his bail was the fact that he denied revealing his place of origin. That on its own shows that he lives alone and has no family or someone he can turn to when he needs help.

The magistrate further mentioned that the nature of charges he is facing are serious and as such he can run away.

She said the fact that he is employed as a teacher cannot prevent him from running away, adding that it is also concerning that he works at a primary school with young children who still needs protection.

According to the state, all the cases happened during the weekend where he would give lifts to girls who were hitchhiking while driving a car without a number plate.

Only one of the victims managed to see him taking off the number plate of his car at Shell Garage in Kinross.

All the victims managed to describe the type of car he was driving (Maroon Corolla).

The victims also mentioned that he scared them with a broken bottle and a knife when committing his crimes.

The magistrate informed him that should he disagree with the outcome or feel that he was not treated fairly, he can approach his lawyer who will help him to file for an appeal.

He was also informed that should he file for an appeal, the court recordings will be forwarded to the high court.

His case was postponed to 12 August 2021 pending DNA results.