8 July 2021

“We originally started as an outreach program from our church‭.”‬

The outreach was established by the Highveld Anglican Board of Social Responsibility‭.‬

“We came together as a church because we saw the need within the community of Kinross‭.‬

As a group of women we reached out to the Kinross Golden Oldies Centre to find out if we can utilize their venue to reach out to‭ ‬the community of Kinross Ext 21‭ ‬and 25‭,‬”‭ ‬said Ms Elaine Wildey further mentioning that the outreach kickstarted last year march when the lockdown began and they could see that people were suffering‭.‬

Helen Cameron,Margie Jones, Elaine Widely,Valencia Fortein and Ethel Michele.

Every Thursday they feed between 180‭ ‬to 200‭ ‬people‭.‬

According to Ms Wildey‭, ‬they do accept partnerships and currently Albany bakery help with bread‭.‬

Every week they come together to cook and feed the people‭. ‬

“I would really like to appeal to the business community to support us because weekly we get more people and there might be times‭ ‬when we could not give everybody because we cook for a certain number of people and also depending on the donations we receive‭.‬‭ ‬

But we are grateful for what we are getting because we can serve the people‭.‬

When the school is closed children get food from the outreach and more of the people who benefit from the feeding scheme are children from the age of two years‭.‬”

For assistance people can contact them at 082‭ ‬821‭ ‬9687‭.‬