Govan Mbeki Municipality Ordinary Council Meeting of Thursday, 29 August cleared the air after several allegations of the Chief Financial Officer, Mr Bongumusa Sithole working without signed employment contract. The issue of the CFO working without a contract was first raised by the Sapromo Leader, Mr Sibusiso Hlolweni early this year, but was brushed off as not true.

During the council meeting, the speaker announced in a closed meeting with councillors that the employment contract of Mr Bongumusa Sithole cannot be found.

Seskhona Media contacted the Municipal Manager’s Office to get a comment on the issue.

We further requested them to comment as to how did the CFO sign the performance contract while he is not employed by the municipality.

We further checked his performance contract and it expired on 30 June 2019, was due to be renewed before month end July 2019, of which it was not yet renewed.

GMM Spokesperson, Mr Benzi Soko responded to the email and he said, “The contract of any section 56 Manager is signed by the Municipal Manager and that section 56 Manager concerned.

This responsibility was therefore under the competence of former Acting Municipal Manager Mr B.M Mhlanga.

The CFO indicated that he signed his contract and gave it to Mr Mhlanga and it was only after Councillor Hlolweni enquired about the contract that the municipality became aware that his contract was missing in his file, therefore it rests with Mr Mhlanga to furnish reasons of the whereabouts of the contract.

The performance contract and employment contract are two different processes.

The performance contract is signed annually by the Section 54A and 56 Managers.

This is done in accordance with the dictates of the MSA, Act 32 of 2000, as amended.

The new Municipal Manager has been tasked by the Council to finalize this matter through a Council resolution.”

Seskhona Media further contacted opposition parties to hear what they say about the CFO working without a contract.

DA Councillor Ciska Jordaan confirmed that the issue was raised and they were all shocked to hear that the man who is entrusted with so much responsibility was working without a contract.

“He cannot be disciplined for any wrong doing and the consequences can be quite grave.

We also realized that it is imperative that the municipality should enter into a contract with him immediately,” said Cllr Jordaan.

EFF Councillor Shai Kodumela said they are not part of such circus.

“It is not surprising with the ruling party, they are capable of anything.

We rejected him during his appointment because there were candidates who scored better than him during the interviews.

For such positions you need to get the right qualified people, not comrades.

“How many other people are getting paid for positions they did not sign contracts for? Maybe Jesus Christ will come and save the municipality,” said Cllr Shai.

Sapromo Cllr Sibusiso Hlolweni said he has been raising this issue since the beginning of the year and he was not taken serious.

“The CFO was working illegally and approving important documents without a signed contract,” said Hlolweni.

Last year Mr Sithole was suspended from his CFO position for allegations of fraudulent payments and he later won the case and was reinstated to his position after the council legal team allegedly failed to attend the case.