Byline: Levhuwani Matumba

24 April 2022

Eendracht residents’ requested intervention from the municipality regarding the potato business that is run in a residential area, posing health and safety issues for them. 

According to residents and what was witnessed by Seskhona Media, the rotten potatoes are thrown in an open ground and near some of the neighbours homes attracting fruit flies and bad smell.

Another concern from the residents was of safety since there are always young men hired to sort the potatoes, but every time they are new faces of people working there.

The trucks are also said to be making noise for the neighbours as they arrive midnight. 

“The potato business owner began to search information about me and where I work.

Why should he source information about my life, why is it of concern to him to have all these information about me?” said one of the residents during a meeting between the potato business owner, some residents, ward 1 councillor and ward committee members. 

It was also revealed during the meeting that one of the employees working on the potatoes harassed a young girl while she was walking back home. During the meeting it was not clear whether the business is registered and if the owner has papers to operate in the country.

“Are his employees registered, should one of them commit crime will he be able to assist the law enforcement to trace him?

Most of us are working and 

I am sure those young men working on his business 

know what time we leave for work and what time we come back” those were some of the questions raised by the residents. 

The GMM Law Enforcement Office was informed and acknowledged the information supplied to them.