Byline: Andani Matumba

03 November 2022

Following the heavy rain which occurred on Tuesday, 01 November 2022 rumors’ started circulating around Embalenhle of a child who was alleged to have been swept by the heavy rainwater into the water stream after he slipped and fell crossing a bridge at Ext 15.

The child was said to be between the ages of 5 and 7.

After speaking to community members, it was established that there is a child from Maphalagulube Primary School who said he saw a fellow school learner being carried away by the heavy rain and the said learner ran back to the school where he reported the matter to the school principal.

Police in Embalenhle were notified about the said incident and a search party was established along with divers searching for the child.

According to the police in Embalenhle, no parent has come forward and neither has a case of a missing child been opened.

Embalenhle police worked along with the school principal to establish the number of missing children from Maphalagulube Primary School, which number was established and their addresses located.

Police went to the house of every child who was missing from school the day after the said incident but all the children were found at their respective homes.

Divers also worked around the clock but no body was discovered to date.

The only discovery made was two shoes of different sizes, therefore it can not be said that they belong to the same person.

Although community members strongly believe that a young life could have been lost on that rainy day, there is no lead pointing that there is a missing child and the story remains a mystery.

Community members strongly recommend that the municipality builds bridges in areas where there is no proper drainage system with strong flow of water during rainy seasons to prevent future incidents.

It is also alleged that the propulsion of vehicle was not easy on the day of the said incident because the entire road was flooded.

The stream of water alleged to have carried the “missing child” who tripped and fell and was carried by a flooded.