Byline: Andani Matumba

11 April 2022

Technology seems to be taking over the classroom space with the developments of smart boards through the use of eLearning mechanisms and Sasolia Primary School in Kinross seems to be advancing with the technological evolution when it comes to learning.

Mr. Mandla Gamede, the Head of Sasolia Primary School along with the Student Governing Body and his Stuff Members opened two new classrooms with new interactive boards for better teaching and better learning on Tuesday, 05 April 2022.

One of the classrooms fitted with new furniture and Smart Boards.

At the opening ceremony and on behalf of the SGB, Mr David Fortuin, Chairperson of Sasolia Primary School thanked the parents for their contributions towards the successful achievement of building the two classrooms, fitting the furniture and installation of the interactive boards with in the targeted timeframe of the project.  

According to Principal Gamede, the project was initiated mid 2021 and the project kicked-off around November 2021, by December the  building was already complete while the only.

“A budget of R 480 000 – 00  was used in this project which covered the building, furnishing and fitting the eLearning equipment.

The only funding we had is the annual funds allocated by the Department of Education, the rest came from the schools funds and we achieved this without the assistance of external stakeholders and donors, ” said Gamede while explaining how the funds for the project were raised.

Grade 6 learners waiting for their new classrooms to be opened.

Gamede further stated that most classes in each grade (from grade one to grade 7) have the eLearning gadgets and gadgets and it is his vision to install the interactive boards in all the classrooms within the school.

“Despite making learner easier and fun, we are in an era where industrial revolution has already began and ICT is the way to go.

Nowadays we use technology for almost everything and therefore we make sure that the gadgets are equipped with textbooks, activities and we are trying to dispense the use of textbooks because they get lost or either get damage,” added Gamede in closing with pride in the evolution of learning at his school.