Byline: Nonjabuliso Nhlambo

08 April 2022

The Kinross anti-unemployment forum took to Evander Gold Mine shaft no 8 on the 23 of March 2022 to submit a memorandum of their grievances to the mine management.

The mine had previously sent the forum a letter though their lawyers to submit their grievances through the right channels after they have attempted to shut down the mine.

The forum together with their members marched to deliver the memorandum on a peaceful match which was led by the leaders of the forum.

The memorandum was handed over to Mr. John Kruger at the entrance of the mine and the forum demanded that the mine responds within 7 working days.

On the 30 March 2022 the mine responded to the forum through their lawyers stating that the matters mentioned on the memorandum as well as their letter dated 14 February 2022 that their client (Evander Gold Mine) has corresponded on the memorandum dated 23 March 2022, that although it is a carbon copy of the demands stated in the previous letter dated 10 February which stated clearly replied to and for ease of reference attached same for the forums intention they replied as follows:

  • That their client in compliance with the relevant provisions of the mineral and petroleum resources development act 28 of 2002, as amended, and the broad – based socio economic empowerment charter for the mining and minerals industry, 2018, and further developed a social and labour plan, and has to date duly complied with its targets;
  • The mining environment is renowned for being a dangerous environment and is therefore regulated by the mine health and safety act 29 of 1996 (‘’the act ‘’ ), our client therefore cannot under any circumstance employ anyone without a competent certificate;
  • It is respectfully submitted that in light of the aforesaid the demands are meritless and unreasonable in the prevailing circumstances and appears to be motivated by ulterior and personal misplaced motives;

The forum received the responding letter which they feel has not met their grievances and stated that the mine is not willing to cooperate with them.

 They are now willing to retaliate the way they see fit as they are trying to fight poverty within the community of Kinross.