Byline: Andani Matumba

05 July 2022

Although their slogan says “To feed the hungry and clothe the poor is an instruction for all of humanity” but education remains their priority because it can be able to eradicate both.

This is evident through the Youth Month Celebration for Maths & Science Learners event which was held at Vukuqhakaze High School in Leandra on Wednesday, 22 June 2022.

The event was graced by learners from Vukuqhakaze Secondary School and a neighbouring Secondary School, Chief Ampie Mayisa. 

During the address for the purpose of the day, Ms Maureen Mboshane, Director & Director Chair of Pinky Phosa Solutions Foundations (PPSF) said matric is the most import grade in a learner’s life and in shaping their future, since the matric certificate can be able to unlock opportunities.

“If your dream does not scare you then it is not big enough,” said Prof Rufus Wesi, Head of Osizweni Science Center during his message of support to the learners.

Opening up to motivate learners, Prof shared how he grew up in a mud house to where he is now. 

Through hard work, lots of sacrifices and dedication, he became the first University of Potchefstroom black lecturer in 1994 in the Science Department. 

Prof mentioned that he grew in ranks after he decided to further his studies and obtain his PHD in Science. 

During his speech, he pledged to assist Grade 12 learners from both schools with applications for university and to finance those that are struggling to pay for their applications. 

He further pledged to assist those who are not sure what career to pursue after matric with aptitude tests to find their area of interest.

The young looking and education enthusiast, Mr Lubabalo Madabane who isa lead Manager for MINHEL Engineers and Civils urged the learners to priorities their studies because a matric Certificate can be able to guide who you shall become tomorrow. 

“I was not the smartest learner in my class when growing up, neither can I say I am from a poor or disadvantaged family. 

But one thing I knew for sure was to put in a little extra effort during my matric year,” said Madabane. 

“My life and career path was not as smooth and I remember asking my mother to connect me so that I can get a job since she was a prominent figure in the ANC Women’s League in the Eastern Cape and she told me to get out of my comfort zone. 

Therefore it would be safe to say that my career path was shaped around education, but it takes a determined person to pack their bags and move to a new province to start a life from nothing, with no one and with just your education,” said Madabane preparing the leaners for the life after grade 12. 

During closing remarks, Chief Ampie Mayisa Deputy Principal Ms Julia Nkosi thanked the foundation for choosing the two local schools. She further acknowledged Mr Freddy Nkambule who played a crucial role of co-ordinating the event. 

vukuqakaze Secondary school