The police in Mpumalanga warns the community to desist from opening false cases.

The warning came after two women were sentenced in two separate incidents for perjury.

According to the police on Monday, 13 July 2020, the Mhala Magistrate’s Court sentenced 19 year old Lungile Lubisi to a fine of R8000-00, or twelve months imprisonment for opening a false case against her boyfriend.

The court heard that on 13 May 2020, Lubisi claimed she was raped by her 27 year old boyfriend during her visit at his home in Rolle Trust, Thulamahashe, on 08 February 2020. 

After hearing that he was under scrutiny, her boyfriend went to the police station with Lubisi to hand himself over.

Police questioned him about the authenticity of the allegations leveled against him, where he vehemently refuted the claims and informed police that their sexual encounter was consensual. In her response, Lubisi changed her tune and vindicated her boyfriend by informing police that indeed she had consensual sex with her boyfriend.

With all that said, a case of perjury was opened against Lubisi hence the sentencing.

Last month, 20 year old Thembekile Verlina Sigwili was also sentenced to a fine of R500-00, or twelve months imprisonment, wholly suspended for five years for also opening a false case.

Sigwili claimed that she was raped on 25 November 2019, by her boyfriend.

During the investigation, police unraveled the truth about her claims, when it surfaced that she voluntarily visited the man and they had unprotected consensual sex.

The police further discovered that she opened a case of rape in order to source contraceptive pills from the local hospital.

The Provincial Commissioner of the South African Police Serves in Mpumalanga, Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, indicated that opening a false case, denies others an opportunity to be served by police, therefore such a practice must be abandoned immediately.

“The community should know that when a case is opened, it is given the necessary attention and resources are allocated accordingly, therefore, it is utmost imperative to refrain from opening false cases as that has adverse consequences,” said General Zuma.